Parkour is an urban art/discipline which involves traceurs overcoming obstacles (both physical and mental) and obstacles typically found in an urban or rural enrionment. The aim is to get from one point to another with as much efficiency as possible, and sometimes as fast as possible, using an array of skills such as running, jumping, vaulting, leaps, catches, precision jumps etc.

Freerunning is like parkour but with the freedom to be more expressive and creative often by adding acrobatic and tricking movements. Freerunning is regarded more as a showcase of personal style and creativity. Both disciplines appear like one another, but the goal is very different.

At Drake's Academy Parkour your athlete will learn all the fundamentals of Parkour that will allow them to perform parkour skills and practice parkour safely. We have a 5 level program that will progress them to participate in Parkour safely. You can view our Level skill cards below.


Syllabus Level 1-5: Select to view skill cards