We believe that it is important that all members, students, athletes, coaches and parents associated with “Drake’s Academy and all the departments, Gymnastics, Parkour, Circus Arts”, must familiarize themselves with the rules, regulations and Policies. These rules are meant to help keep Drake’s Academy running in a professional manner, while getting the most out of Drake’s Academy. Your cooperation on the below is highly appreciated.
Rules & Regulations may be added and updated at any time, and my even be presented verbally to parents/gymnasts.

➢ Please ensure that your child arrives on time (At least 5-10 minutes before the start of the class). Participation in the warm-up at the beginning of Gymnastics, Parkour and Circus Arts classes are compulsory as it is one of the most important aspects of any physical activity. In gymnastics a lot of emphasis is placed on flexibility and strength and therefore having a good warm-up is essential if injuries are to be avoided.
➢ Please ensure that your child attends the correct class/session that he is assigned to at the beginning of the term. Classes are designed according to the packages that applicants select, as we do not want to overload any class.
➢ If you have arrived at the gym early, please wait quietly in the waiting area until the start of your intended class/session (it is strictly forbidden to run around the gym, use any apparatus, or walk across the hall during/before a training session).
➢ Collecting children on time is also very important. Classes are run back to back on most days, prompt collection of your child will help insure that later classes/sessions are not disturbed and are run on schedule.
➢ Every child must wait inside the hall/Waiting area for the parents to collect them, NOT outside.

➢ Club leotard and shorts must be worn during all Gymnastics classes, competitions and other gymnastics events where the gymnast is training or on display. Men’s Artistic Gymnasts will need a leotard, shorts and red long gymnastics pants with plain red socks. This Uniform is compulsory for gymnastics training and events. Trampoline shoes ae required for trampoline training and events.
➢ Parkour/Circus Arts students may wear optional clothing but must not restrict their ability to move.
➢ No outdoor shoes are to be worn while training, Socks are to be avoided as they can be slippery on certain surfaces (unless if the apparatus requires socks). Barefoot or gymnastics shoes are preferred (please leave all outdoor shoes and belongings in the waiting area).
➢ No necklaces, bracelets, watches etc is to be worn during training sessions.

Class Discipline
➢ Gymnasts/Traceurs/Athletes must be courteous to other gymnasts/traceurs/athletes and coaching staff and treat others as they would like to be treated themselves at all times.
➢ Gymnasts/Traceurs/Athletes must listen to the coaching staff and follow instructions carefully and promptly.
➢ Gymnasts/Traceurs/Athletes are not to go on any equipment unless instructed to do so by a coach.
➢ Gymnasts/Traceurs/Athletes are to treat the gym and the equipment with care and consideration. This includes putting any rubbish in the bin.
➢ Before crossing any dismount mat, tumbling strip, floor exercise mat or any other apparatus look around for other gymnasts. Don't cross until the way is clear. Always yield to gymnasts in the middle of doing skills.
➢ All Gymnasts/Traceurs/Athletes must understand and follow all the safety rules at all times. And dismount/leave apparatus in the correct allocated direction.
➢ Gymnasts/Traceurs/Athletes may not leave their class without prior permission from their coach. This includes trip to the bathroom, water cooler or waiting area.
➢ Spotting is to be done by coaches only. No student or parent spotting of gymnast/athlete.
➢ No chewing gum is allowed during class or in the facility.
➢ Discipline & safety must be observed at all times.
➢ Food and drinks (with exception of water) are strictly prohibited inside the gym.
➢ No running in the hall unless requested by a coach. (eg Vault)
➢ No disrespectful attitude or comments will be tolerated. If the gymnast/athlete is disrespectful, he may be asked to leave.

We have a 3 (three) strike system in place, if a gymnast/athlete/traceur/student receives 3 (three) strikes they will be asked to leave Drake’s Academy and forfeit their position. After 3 warnings they get a strike. Once a strike has been received it cannot be removed until the new year. All strikes fall away at the beginning of every year. Breaking any rules will result in a warning.

➢ No parents are to remain inside the gym during class/session time unless specifically asked by a coach on duty. It has been proven that a much better response from children is possible when a parent is not present. The Academy will organize open viewing sessions/fun competitions/displays that will allow parents to spectate the progress of their children (details on dates will be announced later during the terms).
➢ No siblings, friends, nannies or other visitors are allowed inside the gym before, during or after class/session time. Overcrowding the gym with visitors has proven to disturb class and limit gymnast’s attention span to the task at hand, As well as be a possible injury risk. Also please note that under no circumstances will siblings be allowed to participate in any class/session that they are unregistered in.
➢ No destruction or vandalism of property will be tolerated, Gymnasts, athletes, students, parents and visitors are liable for any damage caused. Children must be kept under control when waiting at all times. No standing or climbing on any chairs, tables or any other furniture.
➢ No siblings are to be left unattended anywhere on Drake’s Academy facilities.

➢ It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to fill in the Drake’s Academy Application form online on behalf of a gymnast/Traceur/Athlete/Student. Please make sure to fill in all areas especially emergency contact details and highlight any medical concerns your child may have. A yearly registration fee of R280.00 will be applicable. A waiver form MUST also be signed by each gymnast’s/athletes/traceur’s/students parent or guardian for registration to be complete.

➢ Fees should be paid in full on the 1st of the 1st month of the term (Term 1 - January, Term 2 - April, Term 3 - July, Term 4 - October). Cash or EFT is the only payment option accepted. No credit cards or cheques will be processed.
➢ The Academy runs on a strict no fees no train policy, failure to pay fees on time will affect your child’s participation in classes, and may have to forfeit their space for another gymnast/traceur/athlete/student. Gymnasts/Traceurs/Athletes/students with outstanding fees may be asked to spectate classes until the balance has been cleared.

➢ If an account is overdue for 2(two) months, then a 10% interest will be added monthly until account is paid up.
➢ Details on class fees, registration fees, and term dates may be obtained from the website or by contacting us at

➢ Coaches are not available for discussion with parents during class time. Any questions could be directed by email or after class. Please find time to talk with the head coach (Tyler) if necessary outside of designated class time.
➢ Whilst it is not compulsory please ensure your child brings a drink should they need one. We recommend gymnasts/athletes bring water, fizzy drinks are not permitted. Food is not allowed inside the training area.
➢ Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on the facility or grounds. We at Drake’s Academy support a healthy lifestyle and would like to keep the environment smoke free.
➢ No valuable items should be brought to the gym. We cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items. Any items found will be placed in the lost and found box.


New members will pay a combined fee consisting of the Tuition and Registration fee at their first enrolment. The Registration fee is R280.00 yearly.
➢ The full Tuition is payable regardless if you attend a class/session or not, you are paying for your allocated space.
➢ Tuition fees are payable IN ADVANCE.
➢ We invoice termly and then email the online invoice on the 25th of the month before term fees are due. It remains your responsibility to ensure that payment is received on time on the 1st of the month(First week of the term). Log in to your account on our website: to view your balance/instalment and paid/unpaid invoices.
➢ Failure to pay fees may result in suspension of training/education and the athlete/student may not be allowed to participate in class/sessions until the account is paid up to date.
➢ Our Terms are 8 week terms. We may have classes available during holidays, but are charged extra.
➢ Refunds. Tuition fees only:
o We do not refund/adjust fees for missed training sessions. Makeup classes are only provided if a class is canceled by the Academy.
o For any advance payments we will only refund in case of family being transferred or athlete/student cannot continue due to illness or injury where they are unable to attend classes/sessions.
➢ Payment can be made via EFT(preferred), or Cash.
➢ When making payment via EFT please use the athletes/students name and surname as reference, or the invoice number.

➢ One months WRITTEN notice is required when cancelling your membership. Please inform the Academy should your child not be returning, as your child will still be on the class register and is therefore preventing the Academy from placing another athlete/student in that class.
➢ No refund of fees paid in advance for the term, when cancelling your membership.
➢ Membership can't be cancelled during the term. Should an athlete/student wish to stop during the term you will still be liable for the full fees for the term.
➢ Your billing will only stop once your notice period is over.
➢ Please note these policies may change during the course of the year.

For any further enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us at